Italy's blind poet Marcello Fabbri's work is translated into English for the first time. The moving translations of Jeanne R. Bonaca echo the depth and riches of Marcello's work.

Fabbri says, The translations of my poetry by Jeanne R. Bonaca in The Light Of Memory are poems in their own right, poems which provide in English all of the life, the contents, the sensations, and the feelings of my poetry in Italian.

It is a new and unfamiliar place this darkness of the blind. But as Marcello Fabbri poetically reclaims his memories, his verses slowly find their way like tiny shards of light stretching insistently into the first darkness of the day. The artist begins to paint. Radiant hues and rich textures mix on the pages with somber, darker shades as if the last stubborn light of day were moving over water deepening with night. Words propelled by anguish seem to find their way into the calming silence of the past. The verses linger, drawing us into the poet's world, a place illuminated by The Light of Memory.

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