Foreword: This Ruth

Naomi looked away. The footprints a husband and his family had left on the road from Bethlehem to Moab had settled back to dust; yet, the sorrow and scars of the journey were forever etched in her heart. On the road she traced Orpah's footprints growing smaller and fainter in the distance. Naomi glanced at the feet planted so firmly before her own. She listened as Ruth lifted up her eyes and through her tears whispered, "Thy God shall be my God." And so a new journey began.

It is a privilege to publish Mr. Paisley's ministry on the book of Ruth. This Ruth details the remarkable experiences of Ruth the Moabitess. The portrait of the life of Ruth is warm and touching. Against a background of sorrow and heartbreak, a story of love, hope and blessing unfolds in all its richness.

Mr. Paisley skillfully examines the characters moving through the book of Ruth. While the paths may seem to weave and wander, he guides us with careful exposition and traces God's guidance and leading each step of the way.

This Ruth presents God's tremendous plan of redemption and the blessings to follow. Mr. Paisley writes, The Holy Spirit, who inspired its writing, had in view a wonderful unfolding of divine links in the glorious subject of redemption, presenting in typology our Lord Jesus Christ as the Kinsman-Redeemer.

Mr. Paisley reminds our hearts of the One who walked without shoes- face stained with spittle- through the gate, outside the city. He tenderly bids us stand beside the cross to view the Blessed Redeemer- bruised, beaten, and nailed to the tree. In the dark hours at Calvary, the Redeemer lifted up His eyes and, through the blood and tears, whispered, "My God, my God, why hast thou abandoned me?" Forever, the Redeemer will bear the marks of the journey in His blessed hands, feet and side.

This Ruth thrills the soul. Stoop in the field beneath the midday sun, hear the gentle promise of Boaz in the early hours, and see the child cradled tenderly in Naomi's arms.

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